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Have been riding around on a Trek 7.3 for the last 9 months and really like the bike.
Picked it up of e-bay cheaply - had just bought a Scott P3 Sportster and just couldn't get on with it.( near mint one going cheap!)
I am doing rides of 20 -25 miles average and feel I want something better.
Do I;
1. Buy a better Trek 7. something or
2. Buy a road bike?

I am 53 years young and I do like the upright riding position of the Trek.
Last drop bars was on a "racer" when I was at school!.
Also don't want anything too flimsy that will break at the first pothole!
Also I am more a social cyclist and not interested in pure speed and comfort is important.
Also budget is about a grand.
Any advice?
Just wire the money to acc no. 12345678 and sort code 654321 and I'll help you spend it ;-)

Personally I'd buy a road bike, if you want to ride up right you can but you have the choice to be on the drops. You'll be amazed the improvement in road bikes (esp the brakes IMO) Touch wood I've also found the modern road bikes very robust. since your after comfort I would go for a Sportive type bike, these have got a longer headset. Perhaps something like the specialized secteur (you'll find plenty reviews of the bike here) or the Bianchi C2C; these offer a more relaxed geometry so are more comfortable but are no slouches either ;-)
Plus its more easy to have a social conversation when you're not out of breath (i.e you're on a better bike) ;-)
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