Help needed in the North-East

Discussion in 'Tandem and Other Bikes' started by Charlotte's Tandems, 19 Oct 2016.

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    Charlotte's Tandems is a unique cycling charity that lends tandems (and tag-along bikes) to people with disabilities or additional needs for free, so that they can enjoy the wonders of the open road.

    We have several tandems and tag-alongs in the North East but our Helper there can't help out for much longer. We therefore need someone to take over from him. Can you help?

    Have a look at the Charlotte's Tandems Facebook site or to see the joys that our tandems give people.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. You have already posted a similar post and got no interest on here. I think it may be prudent to try another site.
  3. OP
    Charlotte's Tandems

    Charlotte's Tandems Senior Member

    Thanks, but we have recruited Helpers from here in the past, so that's why I keep trying. I've also tried other sites.

    Also just got a message from a potential Helper, so well worth my repeated attempts.

    P.s. That other post was for a different part of the country.
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    The Cronk
    Some posts have been Deleted. I would draw your attention to the rules particularly in relation to Respectful Conduct towards other members and not moderating the site on behalf of the Moderators.
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  5. If that reference was to me. I have no interest in doing your job. I was just expressing an opinion.
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