Help Needed - Weekend Away


I am under instructions to sort a weekend away for me and my lovely lady. Here is my list of requirements:

1. A nice hotel

2. Said hotel must allow dogs - we have a German Shepherd who is crate trained and used to staying away with us.

3. Said hotel must allow bikes (secure store or in room)

4. Wendy has just got into cycling (a couple of months after me) so we need a nice 20ish mile route on or off road nearby - preferably not too many hills

5. Hotel must be near a town with decent bars / restaurants.

Price not really an issue.

Any help people???


The reason I suggest this is that it was my wife's first "cycle tour" - we stayed in Bath, cycled fully loaded to Bristol and back just to prove she could manage a full touring day.

The centre of either Bristol or Bath will have a number of quality hotels which accept pets.There will also be the type of evening you require

Then you have the Bristol Bath Railway Path which ticks the boxes for the cycle route.

We normally stay in Bristol, cycle to Bath for lunch and then a leisurely return for an evening meal.
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