Help request - recently 40 - chronic illness but want to start cycling again


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Hi guys,

I would love some help and suggestions, i was a road cycling enthusiast in my mid to late teens and early twenties did a bit of time trialing but mainlt just enjoyed cycling, i kept it going as a hobby until a horible accident (nothing to do with cycling) caused me to be in a wheelchair for four years, six operations on my leg later i began to walk again but i had also badly damaged my back and after lots of physio and various treatments i had to have a spinal operation to fuse part of my back and insert 6 screws, my spine was on the move, but the operation was partially sucessful.

Anyway after another 18 months slow recovery, unfortunately just as things started to look up i had a nerve and muscular problem in my chest, giving the feeling of a heart attack at least three times a week but was physical, it took the docs three years to diagnose, and treat in which time with all the other things and medication i became weak and depressed and about 2 years ago was additionally diagnosed with something along the same lines as M.E.

This is when i finally found a good doctor who was amazed i was still standing and had hope yet was ill and knackered, well to cut this 12 tear story short we have been working to try and get me as well as what my potential could be (we are still unsure what that is) somedays i can do quite normal things for a while and others for a day or a week i can be a chronically ill invalid, but one of my ambitions has been to get back on a bike even just for a few mins and build up however slowly.

my doc finally gave me the go ahead last month and thats what brings me here, i have £300 to £350 absolute maximum, i need a bike a really comfortable bike to accomodate my problems and i wondered if anyone had any suggestions, plus if anyone had been in similar situations or had advice or indeed knew of organisations i would be really greatful

many thanks to you all


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How would you feel about a recumbent? Far more comfortable than an upright, although you'll have to look hard to find one in your budget.


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Hi CJ, welcome to the site and good luck to you.

If you are anywhere around the West Midlands i would be very happy to help you out on a small starter ride. As for a very comfortable bike there are some nice step-through frame bikes in Decathlon if you have one near you, this one's only £160:

Out of your budget, but an electrically assisted bike may help to extend your distance. This one's £700 but you must be able to pick one up cheaper:

Good luck, there will be plenty of people along to offer advice i'm sure.



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What was the diagnosis? I manage lupus/FMS/CFS myself, and the most important thing is to start within your ability but don't think yourself incapable of prgressive overload. Just not as much progression or overload as people without that to deal with.

If there's anything in particular you want to discuss, I'm happy to help if I can.


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You can get what they call "comfort bikes", which look a bit like this

They have a fairly upright cycling position and fat tyres and saddle. Best of luck with the cycling.
If you are anywhere near me, you are most welcome to try my recumbent trike.


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thanks guys for all the suggestions, we have a decathlon near here so i will have a look, i live in North Notts not near any of you but thanks again for the offers.

when i think about the late 1980's on no budget swapping and lending parts at the club, even inventing some in the garage, turning out on a thougherly miserably feb day with your mates all dirty eating soggy chips in the middle of derbyshire somewhere......bliss!
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