HELP!!! Shayne Ward's "That's my Goal"

Help!!! I urgently need a copy of Shayne Ward's "That's my Goal". I don't even particularly like the song, but it's for a weird college task (don't ask) and I need it by Friday lunchtime. Nobody I can get hold of owns up to owning a copy and the one person I know who has one, I can't get hold of. With it being ancient I can't find it in the shops without having to buy the whole CD, and buying the single on the web doesn't guarantee delivery by Friday. So, my only option is downloading it, but I'm really wary of dodgy sites and none of the more reputable ones I know seem to have it. Has anybody got any suggestions where I can get it from without passing my credit card details to someone in Nigeria or putting a load of trojans on my pc???? Or does anybody own a copy they could send me 1st class? Would return it next week!!!


Would it be cheating if you went onto YouTube and taped/digitally recorded him singing it?



I'd've done like Maz suggested and not paid out any of my actual money for it!

If anyone would like to know how to do it, just ask! :thumbsup:

(legal disclaimer: not for copyrighted stuff, obviously!)
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