Help with frame age for Rory O'Brien and pump

I have just been given this Rory O'Brien. The only number is on the Nervex lug bottom bracket
69o3064o0222 2 635

I assume this is the lug number?

The picture is not great but it has gold letters on the downtube and a transfer with made in Romford.

Can anyone tell me approx age?

Also where I might get a pump measuring 19inches as it has brazed on lugs for one.



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From what I can see, I'd guess that it is a 60s frame; but you may pick up some info. from this thread - if you've not seen it already.


Can't tell from the frame, but from some of the gear I'd agree with pubrunner. Looks in fantastic condition for it's age. Cottered cranks - blimey.
By the way - that stem is downright dangerous pulled all the way out like that. It needs to be adjusted much, much lower.
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