Help with rear dérailleur


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I have had my bike since January this year. I have managed to maintain and clean my bike so far with my limited knowledge of cycling mechanics.

I have a 105 compact chainset and would appreciate some help. When attempting to put my bike into 20th gear ( front big ring and rear small ring) I am getting a cluncking/clicking noise from the rear dérailleur, which lasts about 10 seconds then gear engages.

I've tried turning the adjuster to the extremes and gradually turning it back with no joy apart from causing the other gears to not be indexed.

Any help or advice is very much appreciated


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Id guess it could either be the limit screw being a teeny bit too limiting, or slightly too much tension in the cable to begin with. Search youtube and watch a video or two on rear derailleur :smile:


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if this has just started then there is a slight chance that the mech hanger has taken a knock and shifted toward the wheel a wee bit.


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Thanks for replys,

The mech hanger seemed ok so you tubed and found what I was hopefully looking for.

I had to adjust the stopper which was slightly out of line, the gears seemed to shift ok on the stand so hopefully will be fine in the morning.
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