help with rear rack

quidditys_shore said:
i've got this rear rack

but dont know what the spring clip is for :laugh:

also is there only certain rear reflector/light that'll fit on it? the reflector & light i have dont fit.

cheers in advance! :biggrin:

If by Spring clip you mean the giant mouse trap type bar located on the top of the rack; that's supposed to be a load retainer,and is in my opinion next to useless for most loads ... a couple of bungee straps or stretchy cargo nets are much better. I store mine in 2 Plastic Skippy Peanut butter jars glued together and keep it in a bottle holder:



I am also guessing that your rack has the two horizontal reflector holes in the bracket, rather than than the 2 vertical ones. You basically have two choices: drill new holes to fit the original, or buy a new reflector.

As for the rear light mounting; you may have to make or adapt to suit. This I have done on my Hybrid when I decided to add a couple of additional cargo retention bars yesterday ... ... ... I'll post a photo later on today.
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