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Discussion in 'Adaptive and Disabled Cycling' started by rachelcjw, 6 Sep 2016.

  1. rachelcjw

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    I am a soon to be international student with in belfast on a budget. I have weak legs. I cannot afford a trike. Hence, i decide to buy the Hoptown 20" folding bike which cost £129.99 at decathlon and a pair of adult stabilisers on amazon which said to fit 20"-26" adult bike. However, I cannot be 100% sure that they are compatible as I cannot find anyone that pair them together online. If they do fit, should I buy extension bolts? Please help if anyone has experience on this.

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    Can i ask why are weak legs an issue ? im not trying to be nasty but i would have thought stability on a bike would have been a balance issue not speed, my 4 year old can ride without stabilzers and its not like she has strong legs.
    Are there other issues tht could be addressed ? @SatNavSaysStraightOn has a lot of experience with bikes/ trikes and issues .
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  3. It has taken me a while (like over a year) to learn to balance on a bike again after my back going and leaving me partially paralysed. However, balance isn't the major issue for me as it turns out. getting on and off the bike is the big issue with me basically needing assistance to get on, stop and get off again.

    I did look a stabilisers but decided that with the type of cycling I was doing at the time, I needed those suitable for mountain bikes which cost significantly more. Also the position of the body on any bike initially meant that I was better off with a trike, hence purchasing one.

    Unless we know the issue it is hard to advise. But I suspect that @mickle will probably be able to give more help given that that is what he specialises in.
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  4. OP

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    Weak legs is just one of the issues. I have a V shaped feet too. This makes balancing and cycling at the same time difficult. Anyhow this would be my first time riding a bike since the age of 7, which at that time utilises stabilisers as well.
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    Would the "Ballantine method" for teaching be of use?

    Remove pedals and lower seat, then just scoot around
    Replace pedals and they can then be used as foot rests
    Pedalling then follows naturally

    HAs worked for many older people as well as children
  6. OP

    rachelcjw New Member

    Will give this a try. Thanks.
  7. Call me. I'll talk you through the options. On the number on the website that's in my signature line.

    Stabilisers are, I'm afraid, a bit sh!t.
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