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Guys, I don't know how many of you fellow commuters ever browse the other pages of Shaun's forum but over in the cafe @Easytigers is trying to pull off something rather splendid with his local community.

Knowing how much gear us commuters collect over the relentless day to day mileage...I'm wondering if any of you can help with advice or donations of spare kit.

It is, after all, Christmas.

By the way I have no idea who easytigers is, so I have no vested interest. Hopefully he/she isn't a physco.

Check it out;
Thanks @jonny jeez
I'm really determined to make a good go of the club. The kids seem to be getting more enthused day by day which is awesome. I expected some natural thinning of the group (not just because of the exercise element!!!) as I thought it might not be for some of them...but everyone wants to continue...and I had another student ask me yesterday if there were spaces left :-)

We've got one times most of the tools needed...the site supervisor used to race so has most stuff...but if anyone has anything gathering dust it would be most appreciated. As Jonny said above...advice will be most welcome (I'm keen but have no idea about restoration!).


p.s. Definitely not psycho btw!
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