Here comes Winter


So correct - but I just feel that given the weather that this summer is', its hasnt really stopped to me (the 'winter').

All its been is a traditional April even though April was QUIET !

I was in a shop today and was thinking of this weekend and the summer in general...and if I wasn't soo determined in lfe I'd be down with depression by now !

mondobongo said:
Its only just 9.00 and already its dark:sad: Does'nt seem like I have had much chance for balmy summer evening rides this year and already the nights are closing in.

I hope we have an Indian summer on its way or I am going to be major t'd off.


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I did a ride today that I did back at Easter in the glorious April sunshine and could barely believe the difference. Would have sworn it was October today. MISERY of a summer....


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i almost got a suntan this year. but the little bit i got is fading fast so i don't suppose there's much chance of topping it up then?
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