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Yorkshire Post letter page

Thoughtless cyclists are now so ignorant that insurance should be compulsory

"Motorist are always the easy targets as they are the road users who are insured, whereas cyclists contribute nothing to their use of the road networks."

"It is easy for cyclists to blame motorists – submitting an insurance claim if involved in an accident, even if it were they that were actually at fault or certainly a contributory factor."

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I know where I can find three cars that are uninsured, no MOT or VED. At least two of the drivers of one have no licence, age limit. Doubtful they'll be insured. One of the older drivers of the same vehicle is back in court later this month, driving whilst disqualified, again.


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Well it's driving traffic to their site from here, so doing its intended purpose.
I haven't clicked the link and I now think worse of them. Not sure that's what they intended.
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