Hi, advice needed.


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Myself and a mate are going to do a 100 mile ride to barmouth in wales, this is for charity and we'd like any advice you may offer, I have only done 27 miles in training although we are looking to step our training up in the next few weeks, search for us on face book, mark woodward and phil tonto sharrat ride for charity. cheers and hello. Mark.


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Hello bigfootmark and Welcome to the CC forums. :wacko:

Good luck with the charity cycling. ;)
Im assuming its a one day ride?

If you have a few weeks training left you should be ok, just steadily increase the miles in training. Concentrate on distance rather than speed. If its a hilly route, you had best do some hills in training.

On the day keep well fed and hydrated and you will be fine. Most of all enjoy the ride.


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Welcome. +1 to addictfreak.

When's the start date? How long are you thinking of doing it in? What bikes are you using? Do you have a route sorted? Got rain gear? Is it a formal event or just the two of you? How are you getting back? How fit are you?
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