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Hi bikists - new to this forum, so Hi from sunny Lancashire! :smile:

Have just bought new Bianchi road bike, so looking at selling my old road bike - a 2009 Ridgeback Velocity (with computer, bottle cages, spd pedals, bar ends, mudguards and rack). It's only done 300 miles, looks like new. A friend has expressed an interest in buying it - problem is, don't know how much to ask for it! It was £460 new with all bits, so thinking of £300. Is this too much? Don't want to put him off, also don't want to sell myself short. Would appreciate your thoughts, folks!


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Hi welcome to the forum!

Generally a good make (which Ridgeback is) and a popular model (which the Velocity also is) can attract higher price on the open market (e.g. ebay, which I assume we can use as benchmark).

Obviously there is a lot of variation. But for a well used sample, a typical bike would typically attract 1/3rd of its new price, but if yours is practically new as well as the above, ~50%+ may well be achievable. However, I don't think add-on's are valued that much in a secondhand sale.

Since the lowest new price (without the add-on's) is about £350 today, £300 seems high to me, IMHO probably by approximately £70.

A recent example sold for £130 is here. This is still under auction from £195 but no bid so far.
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