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Hi all not been on for a bit.

Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by billym0404, 14 Nov 2017.

  1. billym0404

    billym0404 Active Member

    ive been busy building and changing things, i think i'm addicted to building and tinkering lol

    so i sold my KMX tornado to a guy down country seemed really happy with it. though he did get it for a cracking price, i lost a little bu hay ho.

    i also sold my KMX cobra to a local lad with cancer, very local so any issues i can help him. but dont ask my why i took another cobra as a part x lol. im on converting it to a 48v 1000w rear. just waiting for the rack battery.

    ive also just built myself a 750w bafang mid drive mountain bike, i liked my carrera crossfire but this weather the mountain bike seems better. though its quite and i did have a painful mishap lol

    ive also changed my performer to a 750w mid drive as well. though its a bit strange. on PAS i can only max it on setting 5 about 28mph but i will do more. but on the throttle it stops at 25 mph so not sure why. i do like the color screens on the bafangs. also changed all the tyres to cope with mud better.

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  2. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
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  3. OP

    billym0404 Active Member

    so just had my first short ride out with the changes.

    it was much more comfortable and the ride felt better, with the seat change and chunky tyres. seemed to handle better as well.

    speed, well when it was a 500w rear i could push it along on PAS 5 out of 5 at 24 mph. today the best i could or was getting was 25mph. but i'm not disapointed as there things i should take into account. the first is my fitness level i was hitting that's speed on PAS 5 out of 9. 2nd the tyre change from slicks to chunky, those have to slow things down. 3rd and very important the 500w rear had a 52t front crank-set, the bafang only has a 46t, that's got to make a big difference and i'm sure theirs a way to work out what. i recon with slick tyres and a 52t front crank, even at my fitness level id get over 30mph lol.

    the one possible downside is i may have lost some grip on gravelly hills due to the light back wheel now. i may put a rack battery on just to add some wieght to the back.
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