Hi all


Wishaw, Scotland
I’ve just started back on the bike after an absence of a year or three! 66 years old this year, everything going downhill rapidly - except the cycling, which seems to be all uphill

Started this week with just a few 5 mile outings to get used to pedalling again - not to mention sitting on that saddle again...

I was diagnosed with arthritis in the hips a few years ago and walking is getting more painful. However, reading some of the posts here has been inspirational - a few fellow sufferers have noted that cycling is still possible without undue pain. That’s encouraged me to get on the bike again, and so far it feels comfortable (apart from that saddle ). So thanks to everyone who takes the time to make an entry here - you’ve got at least one person back on the bike.

I’ll work on the distance over the summer and see how it goes. Great website, lots of useful info - I’ll add to it if I can

Best regards
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