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hi there, i am kevin and i am 25 years old, i live in south east london with my partner, we both currently have no bike, but i am now almost there, just deciding on what frame size i need and i can go and get the bike i need, just want to be sure what i am getting is right (as far as size goes, so i need help, if you want to you can, it is on this forum)

i do not work, so when i want things i have to save up for a while unfortunately, but doing that makes you appreciate things more i guess, my other interests apart from bikes and cycling are watching movies, playing games, walking, trying to help the environment (kind of useless at it though) and i love new technology, but obviously where i do not work, i do not get to buy new technology much

i also enjoy socializing on facebook and twitter like most people do these days i guess, i run a blog i started just today, i had the idea and i thought, this could be good, so i am giving that a go, if you want to have a look you can, find it here https://sarahandkevin.wordpress.com/ or http://www.cyclelondon.tk/ but please remember it is new so i am testing loads of stuff out, but give it a day or 2 i guess

i hope that i can meet with some of you at some point in the future as i enjoy meeting new people sometimes and as far as cycling goes, a group is better than no group

thank you


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Hello Kevin,

I'm another newbie - so welcome!


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Hello Kevin and Welcome to the CC forums. :smile:

Try Sheldon Brown or Bike Doctor sites for help with frame sizes or there are plenty of vids on You Tube to help you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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