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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by NigC, 21 Apr 2010.

  1. NigC

    NigC New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I just thought I'd introduce myself as I've just registered :wacko:

    I cycle to work 3 or 4 times a week, walking on the days I don't cycle. It's a 5.5 mile journey each way so it's ideal for the bike - a little tough on the legs when walking though :laugh: But I have to be honest, I much prefer the walk - it's not a bad cycle, apart from a few small hills, but I just prefer to walk if time permits (it's 1.5 hours each way!).

    As you can imagine, I have many "near miss" stories to tell (thankfully there's been no contact yet) and if you're really lucky I might treat you to some of my poetry!!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all :smile:
  2. ('oop north' mode on) Nah then ('oop north' mode off).

    (Crowland mode on) Yewm a stanger rewnd 'ere! (Crowland mode off).:laugh:
  3. :angry: NigC...thats a fair old walk there, 1.5 hours...wow...I would love to have the discipline to walk for 3 hours a day, you must already be pretty fit I guess.

    Do you mind me asking, what is it that makes you prefer the walk?
  4. Theseus

    Theseus .

  5. OP

    NigC New Member

    I don't think I'm particularly fit - maybe just fit enough to cope with the walk, but that's about it.

    I think I prefer the walk because it's "me-time". It gives me a chance just pass the time in a relaxed way (apart from the effort of walking of course :wacko:). While cycling is more of an effort, especially when most of the journey is on some sort of gradient (albiet mostly fairly small) - that and the extra stress of sharing roads with several hundred deadly machines each time. So when time permits, I'll take Shank's Pony, and when not, it's on me bike :ohmy:
  6. OP

    NigC New Member

    Worse! :angry::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. gouldina

    gouldina New Member

    Hi NigC. I entirely agree with your thing about me-time whilst walking. I used to walk everywhere if I could when I was in my late teens/early twenties for this very reason (lot's of stuff to think about at that age - mainly girls probably :wacko: ). You don't get that on a bike because of (a) the exertion and (:angry: the fact that it's so hectic and demands so much attention. I like the feeling cycling gives you afterwards though which you don't get so much from walking.
  8. HJ

    HJ Cycling in Scotland

    Auld Reekie

    Hallo and welcome, by the way :thumbsup:
  9. bauldbairn

    bauldbairn New Member

    Hello and Welcome to the CC forums NigC. :thumbsup:
  10. Zell Dincht

    Zell Dincht New Member

    Welcome to cyclechet. Stay here and enjoy the posting.
  11. I see your point.

    I find that the only time i truly "relax" on a bike is if I am off road, on a woodland (or something) track riding really slowly and without real effort...I guess like a walking pace.

    I get to think, zone out and chill, whilst covering at least three times as much distance (so explore a lot more) without any real exertion.

    I really enjoy that sort of ride (especially if i can involve the family)

    I think I would enjoy a walk along a similar vein, but a walk to work would just be to intense, once I'm on any sort of clock I cant seem to hang about and just want to get wherever I'm heading as soon as i can
  12. Welcome!

    Sounds a lot like my commute. I've been doing mixed bus/walk/cycling a couple of times a week recently (only just getting back to cycling after an 'off') - it's about 6 miles each way and I'm tending to only walk home rather than to work. Takes me 1 hour and 40 mins mainly uphill. It sounds a long way, especially after a day at work, but with some music on or the radio on my little mp3 player, I find it's good exercise.
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