Hi...Another Prestonian


Hi my names Mark,I'm 23 from Preston

Been looking around the forum for awhile now so thought it was finally time to sign up. Been into bikes for a number of years now but got back into it early last year when bought a decent mountain bike. Early this year decided to get myself a road bike and I'm very keen on both now.

Don't know if there are any groups of people doing any rides around Preston or any where that is good to ride really. Also wouldn't mind doing a few night rides with the darker nights coming in if theres anyone around. Don't mind where it is really i enjoy the adventure.

Great forum and plenty of top information so thanks a lot, i look forward to getting involved!


Hi Mark, welcome!
There are loads of clubs in and around Preston - something for everyone depending on what you're into (so to speak).
I ride with the Garstang club, I know they have groups doing night rides, but it's not my bag!


Ahh yes... Thanks Paul i had forgot about that website i shall have aloof and see if theres anything going on, cheers
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