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My name is Andy, i live in the town of Blyth on the Northumberland coast & i'm 44 next week...eeeek !!
Basically i'm trying to change my ways & lose some bulk, i've lost just over 2 stone in about 5 months or so by just dieting but i've also tried running recently to add some much needed excersize to my life but unfortunately i keep getting calf strains & have to keep resting up so its getting really frustrating.
I have a couple of mates who are into cycling & they've tried to persaude me that a slightly lower impact excersize ie cycling is gonna be just the ticket for me.
Now i've never really rode a bike (without an engine :smile:) since i was a kid....but i've heeded their advice & just ordered a new Specialized Crosstrail Comp & now can't wait to get it & get some miles in my legs & watch my weight drop at the same time hopefully !!
Anyway i've just found this forum & thought it would be a good idea to join up & maybe get some advice & stuff from you guys as at the minute you can write what i know about cycling onto a postage stamp...in capital letters !!
So hi everyone :hello:


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Redhill, Surrey
:welcome: loads of friends in waiting here to help Andy!


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