Hi from Belfast


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Hi all. Recently joined. Back cycling again after a quick 25 year break. Just had a wonderful, sunny 20 mile trip this morning through the rolling hills of Co. Down then along the Comber Greenway into Belfast


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Hi & :rofl:


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Hey Trevor

Planning to be out on the Greenway tomorrow. Just back from holiday in Kerry today. Loads of cyclists down there. Amazing given the terrain. Hopefully see you about.

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Hello there!!
Many moons ago, I did a Prince's Trust residential placement on the big estate next to Strangford Lough (the name escapes me at present) helping the forestry guys with the highly glamourous but vital job of removing Ivy from trees.

We also went to the likes of Newcastle and the beaches along the coast, so I got to see what a nice part of the country it is, especially with the Morne Mountains looming to the South!
I will certainly be back over some time in the future as it is somewhere I want to see more of in general!

You see, the last time I was there I was in Belfast bashing the 80 and Castle Classes (don't ask), so I got to see certain parts north of Belfast, but not south or west.


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Hello and Welcome to CC TrevorM. :tongue:
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