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Hi all,

I don't know my arse from my elbow as far as bikes are concerned. Despite this I've agreed to do a 250 odd mile cycling 'holiday' this summer around East Anglia, averaging about 60 miles a day.
I'm confident I can't do this (particularly as my friends are pretty accomplished cyclists) on my old mountain bike, so I'd like to buy a Hybrid/Road bike that can have pannier bags on. I think I can do up to about £800 on this. My local shop has a very enthusiastic chap running it and he's primarily selling Merida bikes.
I was hoping that someone could advice me if this is a decent enough make? and if not what would you recommend.



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Where abouts are you Godfarmer?

What I've seen of Merida bikes they're OK


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I'm on Norfolk/Cambs border near Downham Market. I don't recognise the roads you've mentioned I'm afraid.
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