Hi from Gary in Preston, Lancashire


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Hello all,

I've been riding bicycles since goodness knows when. I can still remember my first crash as a child and the last as an adult (at zero mph to be precise:blush:).

I can truly say that one of the best things I did in recent years was sell my car for a deposit on a house and began commuting to work. Not cycling to work is not an option for me.

Recently, a colleague and now very good friend has introduced me to long distance cycling which I'm really enjoying. Hoping to do my first 100 miles this year. Whilst I'd love the prospect of adventure cycling somehow I don't think the missus and my 2 girlies would.

Anyway, bye for now.



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Hi Gary and welcome. Another local here from Freckleton. Good luck with the 100. I only did my second this year but it's a great buzz, you'll love it.


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Thank you all for the welcome! Sorry I haven't been around much to respond. I did the Manchester to Blackpool ride yesterday on my hybrid and really really enjoyed the experience. I think it's safe to say I'm hooked on cycling and seriously considering putting some more effort into it and entering lots more events in the future. Some more training is needed though. Has anyone got any recommendations for upcoming events/rides/races (dare I say it...)?
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