Hi from Glasgow


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I'm an Oldie with a Foldie (Brompton) and have a fantastic touring bike. I bought my 'burner' bike second-hand around 30 years ago - Diamondback Ascent which is still going strong.

My next step is to sell both of my folder and tourer so I can be an Oldie with a Touring Foldie. I want to replace them with something like Bike Friday or perhaps a Moulton.

In my dreams, I would like my next bike to have a Rohloff Hub. In reality, I can't afford it.


Shame you think you can't afford it, I'll keep my fingers crossed you come across one at the right price when the time is right.🤞

Welcome to CC, there are a few here with a folder and a tourer but not sure about a touring folder. ^_^

Anyway, :welcome:
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