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Hello everyone

After 40 years with my current employer along with the obligatory clock I received a cheque, question what to do with it. Buy something like an ipad or something else, I chose a Trek hybrid bike and it's the best decision I've made in a long time. That was a year ago i've clocked up hundreds of miles since exploring all the local roads and bridleways its brilliant.

Today I get my roadbike woo hoo ^_^

So if you see a skinny beardy type puffing up the hills around this area give us a wave as you speed by - it'll probably be me.

Last time I was in Kettering I Got snowed in!
Visiting my parents in St Ives, so decided to cycle home to Portsmouth via a few historic sites and churches.

Got to Geddington (Eleanor Cross) and it started snowing, then had a couple of inches by the time I got to the Tresham Folly at Rushtton, so nipped to Rothwell, and stopped for the night. Then as I was on two wheels, the weather was awful limped into Kettering and came home by train!

Also have fond memories of Wicksteed Park as a child.
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