hi from lincoln


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Hi all

i'm john, and as you've probably guessed i'm from lincoln.

I used to do alot of cycling when i was younger (10 - 15years old), like from south wirral to rhyl and back, Bala lake to lake vyrnwy loop and various charity rides like liverpool chester liverpool, cheshire bike ride etc But then discovered i could get served in pubs and it rapidly went down hill from there.

Now im a bit older and the novelty of drinking has worn off i've started riding again. Started off commuting to work on my Scott Reflex 40 mountain bike, and gradually started building distance. so far im doing 30+ miles on 2.1 off road tyres. So last week i treated myself to a brand new road bike, nothink fancy but a good starter.

So while trauling the net for rides around lincoln i can across this place and thought i'd sign up as it seems like a friendly helpful forum.

Thanks for reading my dribble and hopefully meet some of you on the roads ^_^


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Welcome :smile:

Isnt Lincoln home of a strangely steep street or something? :crazy:


Ramsgate, Kent

Daz stevens


And thank you for the welcome gents. Yes funnily I was thinking just the other day about possibly joining a club. To be honest thou im not very fast yet as I am still trying to lose weight so would probably be out of my depth at a club but in the future...you never know. I do record all my rides on strava just to compare so I can see if im improving or not but since getting myself a boardman road bike im getting better.
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