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Hi, I have not ridden a cycle since about 13, but recent health issues have removed licences so my wife and I took plunge and bought some hybrids from local cycle specialists (because I refuse to sit in corner dribbling :biggrin:). Initially intended for local leisure jaunts down cycle tracks, and a bit of shopping, am considering touring at a later stage. Surprised at not having a lactic acid attack so far:blush:, been a long time!, but taking things steady at first. Glad to have found this site as usual there are so many questions when new and some pretty smart and knowledgeable answers here:smile: especially towards the touring side and kit:biggrin:.


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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums. :biggrin:

Hopefully you'll get the advice you require from our members.

Good luck to you and your wife with the cycling - I'm sure you'll get many years of pleasure from it. :biggrin:

Hopefully your health issues won't hinder your progress - all the fresh air will do you the world of good.

All the best. :smile:
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