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Hi all,

Ive spent a good few days browsing the forum, picking up some hints and tips, so I thought I would join.

Im Tom, 29, and Ive just started on the bike in order to lose some weight and regain some fitness. I was always quite an active person, 5 a side football, swimming and Rugby, until about 4 years ago I suffered a back injury, which still troubles me now from time to time. Anyway in the last few years Ive picked up some bad habits, all but stopped exercising and Im smoking 20 a day. Im now 15 and a half stone which my Doctor tells me is medically obese with my height being 5ft 11ins, and Im quite ashamed that Ive let myself get into this situation. So I decided now is as good a time as any to get back into shape.

I did try swimming again, but with work, family etc, I cant get to the pool during the adults only sessions, and its usually too busy during other times to make any progress. The Gym and Running gives me back ache, so I arrived at the idea of cycling.

Ive never been a big cyclist, so this is new territory for me. I bought a cheapish Mountain Bike from Halfords to get me started, as I wasn't 100% what road bike would suit me, plus there are plenty of country roads and farm tracks in my area I can take advantage of. Ive started slow, for the last week Ive been cycling 4.5 miles a day just to build confidence and ease myself into regular exercise again. Im planning on increasing my distance by 2 miles a week until I get to 10 miles a day, hopefully by then my fitness levels will have risen and I will be able to increase my distances a bit quicker.

Anyway, Ive rambled on for long enough. I look forward to using the forum and getting to know some local people.


1 question, when does your bum stop hurting? I feel like Ive been repeated kicked up the backside by a size 12.

Nearly there

:welcome: and padded short are in order ;)
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