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im Jay and im 26. Ive never really been a keen cyclist but have had numerous bikes since I was a kid. last August i dislocated my knee playing football and needed a cruciate reconstruction which i had done about 2 months ago and plan to use cycling as a way to keep fit and also to aid my rehab!

Im currently looking through the countless bikes on Evans Cycles website (only place i can buy from due to my company's R2W scheme) and am yet to decide which style/make/model etc i want/need!

Nice to meet you all :smile:
Hello Jamie and welcome to CC from a fellow Essex man (Brentwood) but been living abroad too long to remember (nearly)!

Give up football and get yourself a half-decent road bike and you won't look back, I guarantee! Knee problems will be a thing of the past.

Hope you enjoy the forum and keep a look-out for CC forum rides in Essex/London/south-east! :laugh:
Hi Jay,
any bike will help your knee, but to stick at it you need one that is fun to ride. A touring bike would be comfy, but dull.
I would recommend a road racing bike, which should have the right mix of fun and comfort. I personally would avoid a hybrid, the straight handle bars won't give you a choice of positions.
The importance of getting the bike adjusted to your body proportions cannot be over estimated! I think you should be able to find someone clued up in Evans, but don't get fobbed off with a saturday boy!
Good luck and enjoy!!
I have 2 touring bikes and INHO they are far from dul but everyone has their own opnions. I prefer the touring bike for the reason of comfort, as it is my main transport so it has to be comfortable
It depends on what youwant to use the bike for, I use mine for commuting and weekend rides and mid week rides Shifts allowing
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