Hi from the antipodes


Rural Australia
Hi all, new member here from country NSW, Australia.

I started riding 9 or so years ago when I went over 100kg. Many years of commuting, MTB'ing and more recently road riding. Back then I spent a fortune on a Giant XTC2 and thought that money on a bike was ridiculous. My main bike is a Bianchi Oltre fitted out with Campy Chorus, and cycling occupies most of my discretionary spending when approved by the other half.

Best thing about riding in my area are the country roads. Can ride for hours and see no cars, with cows on the road posing more danger in winter.

Joining Cyclechat mainly for the Bkool forum.


On 3 Wheels
Hi and welcome...

I'm now in NSW as well, though not by much. But we are rural (but not as much as you by the sounds of things) as well and currently having fun with frosts at night, frozen water supplies (pipes to close to surface or on them in places) and the shipping company outsourcing or delivery of our belongings to a company that wants to come in an 18 tonner when we have said nothing over 7.5 tonnes... Here the biggest issue is/are the darn roos. Too many of them.

I've yet to get my bikes back but I'll have a round trip of 18 km just to get to the closest tarmac. I can't see my road bike getting much use unless we take it somewhere first.


Newbie as well, chiming in on an old thread. But also originally from rural NSW as well, tho crossed into SA years ago now, altho now that i ride on BKool, still do a lot of training back there. just thought i would chime in and say hi and make people wonder who the hell is posting on a thread thats been quiet for 3 years LOL
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