Hi from the Sunshine Coast

Hi all,

Another Newbie, or should that be a old newbie!

I feel as if I've 'defaulted' into cycling because I've come back into it so that I can at least keep up with my 6yr old son. I guess that's a common thread, you buy your son a bike (wow, it's got gears!) and then realise you won't be able to keep up with the new turn of speed along the seafront. Before you know it, you're looking for two more bikes, helmets, pump, lights, inner-tubes and then the roofbars/cycle-rack.

Still it's a good family outing, especially when the sun shines on the sunshine coast here in West Sussex.



PS: whatever happened to cotter pins? I am sure they were important when I last got a new bike. Mind you I had a paper round then and the world was black and white, or at least the papers were!

cheadle hulme

Clywdian Range
WELCOME. Cotterpins eh? Always a bad design solution - modern cranksets are much more reliable!
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