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Why not cycle every day? It gets you fit and accustoms you to different weather!


Fast and careful!
Welcome along to cycle chat,cycle as you feel like it,and build up time in the saddle and distance as you feel ready
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Listen to the body and go as often as you want; want being the operative word. Subscribing to "should dos" is a sure fire way to turn cycling into a chore.

Plus, dont be afraid to adapt your ride on the hoof. I've lost count of the number of times I've been "up" for a ride, set out for a decent stint, but after a few miles realised that I probably wasn't as up for it as I thought and a planned 50 turned into a leisurely 5. Equally theres been times when I've thought I cant be bothered to put in much of a shift, I'll just spin the legs for a few miles to get some fresh air, but once in the saddle felt so comfortable that the opposite happens.
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