Hi need some advice i'm a newbie


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Hi i've ordered a hybrid bike from Tredz a Dawes Discovery 101 2012 just had a phone call saying its not in stock (bit annoyed they on the website it said it was) but they can offer me a Claud Butler urban 100 2012 for the same price £224.99 is the Claud Butler worth getting? I was told by cycles uk the Dawes one was great bike for the price. If the Claud Butler isn't worth getting what other bike shall I consider for the same price.


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If you get a bike that was not what you wanted then you will be disappointed.
Have you checked any other retailers to see if they have the bike.


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I've had a look about no one as it in stock and they couldn't garantee me a delivery date if i bought one thats why i ordered it from tredz the website said it was in stock and could be delivered within the week. Just wonderedif the Claud Butler is a good alternative?
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