Hi New member - ageing fair and foul weather cyclist


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Preference for leisure road cycling with a real wish for more time to get out there . Looking to learn a lot about maintenance and repair instead of paying someone to do it all . 🤔
I have early Genesis 29’r I think it’s a day one has been a great bike but sadly been neglected for my preferred Ribble carbon road bike
the shimano Alivio 8 speed with tripe front mech has seized - tried lubrication but won’t shift down I think too corroded
I can’t find an 8 speed replacement mech
It’s a loW clamp on \ top swing \ top pull set up - probably close to 15 years old and all the products are now 9 speed
does anyone know where I can get an 8 speed replacement or can I fit a 9 speed without too much issues ?
looking forward to your insight


In my experience, any 7 or 8 speed mech will do. Not sure if the compatibility is there with 9-speed, but would think so. I have a tatty but working Altus 8-speed in my bits box - yours for postage.
Altus FD-M191

Yours for postage.


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Are you sure it's the mech? I'd give it a good dousing in GT85/WD40/MO94 and change the cables, you might find that's all it needs? I'd say the cable is the most likely culprit.

And welcome!
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