Hi, newbie here.


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North West
Just joined the forum today, I hope to contribute regularly and gain some knowledge. I am a fairly new cyclist, started seriously last year and recently ugraded my bike to an improved spec. I'm a fine weather cyclist, so sods law the weather has changed! Itching to get out on my new bike but will wait till weather improves again.

Will take time to navigate around the forum and feel my way. Please be gentle!


Welcome from a North West exile, now living in Kent, but happy memories of the North West.


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Lancaster uk
Welcome ,its a great forum I joined just over a year ago lots of info on anything you may need ,great substitute if you don't happen to have cycle buddies ,you feel more included in the cycle world and whats going on


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I prefer fine weather cycling so you're not on your own. I will venture out in less clement weather but when the sun shines I'm itching to get out on the bike. Usually, though, the sun shines when I'm at work!

welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Hello and welcome :welcome:
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