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The enforced time oif work has allowed me to rediscover cycling. It had been over 40 years since I had cycled on a regular basis although I have had a bike hanging up in the garage for most of that time. How things have changed ! Indexed shifters, disc brakes etc. weren't even thought of back then. Now there is a different bike for all types of riding. Although I cycled a lot years ago I now feel a complete novice with all the changes, hence joining the forum.


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Nothing has changed really. A good, strong rider on a well fitting, suitable bike will always perform better than someone mediocre on the best bike money can buy. Don't be intimidated by the tech or feel pressured into having the latest Xspeed bike with electronic gear shifting and disc brakes made from unobtainium alloy. Keep it simple and enjoy the stress free pleasure that cycling can provide :okay:
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