Hi to all from Kent


Maidstone, Kent
Hello CycleChatters,

Just to introduce myself, I'm a 43yr old commuter/solo leisure rider from Maidstone.
Over the last couple of years I've found myself getting increasingly obsessed with taking to the road on my ageing steel Raleigh roadbike, mostly for the pleasure of it, but with the happy side effect of shedding 10 kilos.
These days I spend way too much time dreaming of bikes made with aluminium and carbon and toying with the idea of trying out a club or finding like minded people to ride with.

Something tells me it'll only be a matter of time before I'm rolling up to a club meeting somewhere in Kent on a shiny new bike...now to get saving



Bionic Subsonic
Hi and welcome :rolleyes:


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Welcome mate - from another Kentish type :smile:

Ashford's just down the road from you - why not come and join us for a Sunday club ride sometime? San Fairey Anne CC are also local to you.
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