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Hi, I'm new to biking (and to forums), looking to find out some advice about taking some fairly low intensity cycling trips in Scotland this spring/summer.

Look forward to chatting with you...

Welcome along, Eskimo!

Welcome to the world of the CC forum - how did you get in du it! :sad:

There are plenty of canny Scottish forumers here, so doubtfully they'll be along to impart some of their wisdom and expertise with you.

Happy riding!


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cheers guys, thanks for all the replies...
A small blurb on eskimo:
My boyfriend and I recently got a couple of ridgeback hybrids through the bike to work scheme...we live in Glasgow and have all the good intentions in the world of taking some trips camping with our newly aquired wheels. Both working full time in the hospitality trade, we are a little lacking in fitness, time, cycling and camping experience (so expect several advice seeking posts).



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Welcome to the CC forum Eskimo. :smile:

Well done in taking up cycling. :biggrin:

Not knowing your cycling/road experience makes it quite hard to recommend anywhere specific. You're centrally based so have Ayrshire, the Trossachs(Callander/Aberfoyle/Dukes Pass), Loch Lubnuig, Loch Katrine and Loch Lomond close to hand.

Look here; http://www.incallander.co.uk/mainmap.htm

All of these places offer plenty of camping oppertunities and on/off road cycling(ideal for your hybrids). At school holiday times these roads can be terribly busy even for the most experienced cyclists.

Have a look at the area's you want to visit - then ask for cycling advice and we'll do our best to help. :thumbsup:

All the best and good luck.
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