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Hi Everyone

I'm new to cycle chat after purchasing a Trek this weekend. i use to be a keen mountain biker but after some time away from the sport, i thought i would take it a little easy an go for a hybrid.

Only problem is that i travelled quiet a way to purchase my bike and took the front wheel off so i could get it into my car, now i can't figure out why my v brakes are rubbing against the rim when all i have done is took the wheel off and put it on again, can anyone help me with this? The tension appears to be too tight so i can't reconnect the cable without force so i've left it until i get some advice.

I'd like to take it out for a ride so if anyone can help .....


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Hallo and welcome :ohmy:


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Just get an allen key (of correct size for the brakes) and loosen the cable so you can get the noodle back in. Then get some 2p coins and when it's back on retighten to correct amount. Front wheels do seem to suffer from these sorts of problems when they go in cars which is one reason why I'm always a bit wary of doing it.


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Check the axle is sat in the fork ends correctly. If its not seated correctly, you'll find one pad hitting the rim. If both pads are in contact, something somewhere has eaten some cable. You can either loosen it off and reposition, or try to work out where it went. If you know it was right when it went in, the cable should be there somewhere.
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