Highclere Challenge

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Walton on Thames
Has anyone done this ride? I was thinking of targeting it as my first cycle challenge, the 70 Km. I can ride 50 km in two hours or there abouts, should I look at doing the longer ride (125km). I have not cycled in a group before and wonder how much this affects a riders performance.
Any tips appreciated


humble commuter here but the regular info is that riding in a group makes a huge difference, as long as you're not on the front, natch

no idea where highclere is, are there hills?


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I'm doing this, did last years Whitehorse Challenge which was the shorter 75 miles, for me it's a local route,as many of the roads are included in our Sunday Club runs (NRC). There are going to be some interesting climbs, Ken Robson the VL Sponsor/organiser was the guest speaker at our Club dinner.

I haven't decided yet whether to go for a good time, or, to go for the just get round at my leisure .

Previous events have been well organised, and this years events should be even better.

The 200k ride will be my longest ride in one go so far, so it'll be a bit of a milestone for me.

My advice would be after setting off and establishing a tempo, try and attach your self to a group who are riding at your pace, and stay with them, sharing the load, take your turn at the front, riding in a through and off stylee, that way you will get round in a good time, and expend less energy, just make sure you have plenty of snacks and fluids, although there are water and food stops on the route.

If you do get dropped then don't worry, another group will come by, to which you can attach yourself. Alternatively get a buddy to enrol with you, and go round together.


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Good advice from Mortiroloboy.
I rode the 200km last year and have entered again this year.
Being your first sportive - don't be tempted to get dragged along with a fast group. Stay in a group that is riding at a comfortable pace for you - otherwise you will not finish/enjoy the ride.
Good luck :biggrin:
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