Hikeling - my new hobby!

Couldn't decide whether to go for a hike or a ride today and since I was feeling guilty about not being out doing either last weekend thanks to a cold I decided to take up a new pursuit I call Hikleing. Bloody knackering though.

1) Load panniers with walking boots, daysack with normal walking accoutrements etc

2) Pedal off somewhere - must involve a hill en-route

3) Park bike, change into walking attire then walk up and over hills and tors until your legs feel like falling off

4) Remember there is a small matter of pedalling home still to accomplish, so eat pastie, strong black coffee with 3 sugars (1 stingy teaspoon is my normal), change back into cycling gear and set off with the promise of a cider lolly from the ice cream van at the top of Surprise View on the way home to give me inspiration to tackle the hill with aching limbs (and did I enjoy it! Not had one of those for years)

5) One more short uphill section then it's downhill all the way! Woohoo!

Rather rewarding to be walking along sheep trods in the middle of nowhere knowing that it's only my own energy that has propelled me there and will propel me home again! And I didn't half chuckle at the cars all driving around and around looking for somewhere to park where I left my bike (know the feeling, normally I drive out there when I go walking)


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Well done - sounds as though you had a great day out. Will you do it again do you think?
scots_lass said:
Well done - sounds as though you had a great day out. Will you do it again do you think?

Not every week...I do enjoy my walking and like to get out further afield sometimes than would be possible cycling there, but I'll definitely have a similar day out every now and again


Cycling is fun ...
Great post, ST!

We do similar things (but a lot less walking, and not carrying boots) when we go cycle touring. Lower bike mileage, but more exploring of the local area, sight seeing, wandering off along a beach or up a hill. I love being able to pull off the road and stop for photos where cars can't :smile:, and not being in a hurry. It also allows for bad weather or lazy days, there's always a museum or visitor centre - some of them real gems! Not sure what you call a mix of cycling/walking/sightseeing - touring perhaps? :wacko:

We've been thinking of using your approach for future trips north, take the bikes + boots etc on the train, and head to the Highlands :smile:. Last weekend we were hampered by the lack of bike spaces on the Edinburgh-Inverness route at short notice :thumbsup:, even though we were flexible and could have taken any train on Thursday or Friday until early afternoon. Only 1 space on the way out ... we ended up renting a car instead :smile:. We'll try again ...



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I did Hikeling once.

Rode through a scattering of broken bottle. Too many punctures to be bothered repairing at the roadside so hiked with bike on shoulder following a public footpath across some fields.

Crazy things you do when you're a kid. eh?
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