Hillingdon 9/2


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Bromley, Kent
I had to do better this week, I knew after last week's result that 21st just wasn't going to cut the mustard, or get me any points.

Today started well, the mrs said she was going to come and watch me, so that was a bonus and someone I had to try and impress other than myself today. The weather was good so I knew there was going to be a significant number of racers come out of the rocks today so I thought I'd get there a little earlier to book myself in with a little bit more ease and add a little bit more warm up time.
Do you ever get the feeling you shouldn't be here? for some reason as soon as a race starts I just feel knackered, and I'm only 2 laps in. Racing goes well, and around the end of the second lap I'm on the front and pulling everyone round till I pull of and move to the back of the group to restart the batteries. There doesn't seem to be any hiccups, there must of been about 3 or 4 racers go off at the hairpin (again) right in front of me, but I was able to swearve round them and carry on with the group.
With 6 laps to go and the burst of energy I get at every race kicks in and I go from second to last to a 7-10second lead on everyone for a whole lap. After I've done a lap another rider comes up to join me, another rider on a Planet X and we appear to the crowd the Planet X race team. we manage to keep going on our own for another lap till we get pulled in by the group. I move to the back of the pack to rest for a little till the second to last lap, and I'm moving back through the group again. The bell goes to signal last lap and its foot down and go for it, I managae to sit around the middle of the group till its last corner and the sprint is on, the same as last week and my sprint is that much faster than everyone in front of me (the training pays off in the end) but I can't seem to fight my way through. In the end I had to settle for 11th place, just outside the points but its good enough for today.

Now it's time for a rest before the mrs takes 'her little champion' out for a meal.

till next week people


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Well done Walker - I love these reports!

As I posted on the 'shoes' thread - give us a tip-off before you go for a podium spot!

Seriously, you seem to be making rapid progress especially considering the field will be getting bigger/more serious.

I've got 'cross tomorrow. I'll be near the back as usual!
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