Hiring a coach - your experience?

Jamie C

Hi - I'm 46 and returned to competitive cycling after a 20+ year break. This season
I've pretty much made up my own training schedule, as I've gone along ... similar to what I did years ago. I've only competed in short distance TT's (a few 21's for 10's and 58's for 25's) but plan to add a few 50's and some road racing too. I'm aware that I'm probably not getting the best return for the time I'm spending on the bike and think a more structured training programme would help.

I'd be interested to know other people's experience of hiring a coach and any tips to get the best out of the arrangement.

Please note, I'm not interested in knowing the names of any coaches/companies etc, just the general pointers/advice, at this stage.

Many thanks

Jamie - I sent you a PM :smile:
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