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HOBSON Easyseat II

Discussion in 'Adaptive and Disabled Cycling' started by stearman65, 15 Aug 2016.

  1. Yellow Saddle

    Yellow Saddle Veteran

    Loch side.
    Thank you for educating that ignoramus (insert smiley face thingy here). However, I'm more of an everyday-is-mothers-day person so, not only 7 August is International IPA day, but every day is IPA day. I know, I know, you are now going to come back and say that XYZ day is actually Belgian Ale Day and such and such a date is Porter day. When there's doubt, celebrate both. Double up. Life is short. Don't forget to take a ride on your bike.
  2. stearman65

    stearman65 Well-Known Member

    New saddle arrived on time this morning. Fitted it on the trike & went to the local shop. Bliss compared to the previous saddle.
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  3. stearman65

    stearman65 Well-Known Member

    I've covered around 5 miles in the last month on 3 different trikes & bikes. Last weekend I discovered the constant click in my right knee has disappeared. I was booked in for a knee replacement sometime this year, now I'm wondering if the disappearance is permanent, or temporary. I have now discarded my walking stick & have adopted a much better walking posture, the previous one was causing causing hip pain also. How long should I leave it before discussing it with the pre op team?:unsure: