Holiday gift suggestions?


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I gave the Wifey £300 & said go & buy yourself some lady stuff! :wub:

Tom B

There are some on here that would say lady stuff can be mans stuff and vice versa, a man can wear a dress if he so wishes, perfumery and thongs :ohmy:
I bought my wife a Concept 2 Rowing machine just to avoid any of the above issues
Last year the mother in law wanted a laithe.

I really can't decide what I want this year.

Though the SIL has bought me a dick (knife sharpening steel) and the MIL has got me a new front hub for my commuter wheel.

The missus has sent me a few links including a lump of plastic for her hair dryer and a dressing table stool.


We all scream for ice cream
La Mer eye concentrate (my choice) and loads of lotions/potions/creams (her suggestions) for the better half. Some home made chocolates will be made nearer the time.


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Me? The older I get, the more I like socks.
Ditto that.... last year the Daughter in law was struggling to find something for me that didn't involve bike related items.
So I just said... socks! What she came up was a yearly subscription to.. The Sock Butler.
So I get a new pair of socks every month, you can define your own look by choosing your own sock style!
So... if someone is struggling to find you something... tell them Socks...🧦 😀
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