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I went to remove the crank arms from my Corratec shape pro hybrid today only to be halted pretty much straight away.I removed the 2 bolts from the left hand arm and then had to remove the plastic screw on cap from the centre,no tool and Halfords dont know what size i need,its a very large black plastic torx cap that screws through the arm and into the bb,does anyone know what size torx i need or where i can get the correct removal tool,i tried a flat blade screwdriver but there was a risk of it chewing the cap up.


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You probably need one of these... Although could try a 20p piece (inserted edge-ways), to lever the plastic cap. Seen it done with a tyre lever in the past, too.

The plastic cap doesn't hold much torq and is only to pre-load the tension in the bearings. The 2 pinch bolts do all of the work. Similar to an a-head stem.


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If a 20p nor a 50p works wedge a fat finger in and twist. It shouldn't be super tight. If you don't have a fat finger find someone who does :smile:

That's what I do anyway :tongue:
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