Holocaust Night Will Fall


Ch4..if ever you need a reality check..appallingly sad.
Untill you see these things you just dont appreciate the horror.
thats all.
Untill you see these things you just dont appreciate the horror.
Without wanting to get into an argument or be combative, I have never understood this position. Why can't the horrors be "appreciated" until you see them?

Can't you imagine the horror?

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To "Imagine"something and to "appreciate" something are completely different,to imagine is remote and impersonal....to appreciate is direct and personal.


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My dad was one of the first British soldiers into one of the concentration camps at the end of WWII (I forget which camp). He told me some horrible stories about it when I was a teenager. I think that experience as a young man emotionally scarred him, because I can't see why he thought it was appropriate to tell me that stuff in the brutal way that he did. He told me many of his wartime memories. Some were very funny; most were just bloody awful ...


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We watched C4 tonight and then More 4 afterwards. Truly horrific. It beggars belief how 144 prisoners escaped Auchwitz.
My Father was too young for WW2 but my much older uncle wasn't. Dad said he was not the same person who went to war, especially as he barely spoke a word at all after his experiences seeing the concentration camps first hand.
He always said that it must not be forgotten as there are too many people who would deny it every happened.

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It's like many things in this world. You cannot even begin to contemplate what it must have been like. And there is some solace in that. It is also an abomination of humanity and our darkest hour.


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I read a book called

Spectator in Hell: A British Soldier's Extraordinary Story of Imprisonment in Auschwitz by Colin Rushton

Very interesting book, sad how when he told his story no one wanted to listen to him, they wanted spit pilots heroic tales not the reality of the war. he never spoke of his trauma for most of his life.


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My point for posting was simply a "lest we forget" with the world going in a destructive hateful direction maybe this sort of thing needs more exposure..
My grandad was at El Alamein and the other was a radio operator engineer with the lancasters,"not crew"
They never spoke of the war much. My father in law was on the mine sweepers,again he wont speak of his war.
made me feel very sad ,and greatful that I have the life I have watching that programme ..

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Surviving the holocaust 'Freddie' on bbci player now is another fascinating story.

Very powerful stuff, I agree it's hard to really feel the horror until you see it, story's don't carry the same message as the pictures, the army was right to video it to as they they say it is not forgotten in history, or denied in future, as terrible and difficult as it is to watch.

People returning were changed people, we all change with experiences and age and these experiences were as life changing as anything we are likely to experience, sometime telling the story's were a form of therapy, maybe they felt the need to tell someone so they could tell the tale in future years, torn between the pain and the need to inform, trauma that must have been difficult on a daily basis. Many never spoke of the war, easier to box it away in your mind.
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