Holy Grail!!!

I'm a bit excited me!

Tomorrow I'm off to look at some papers which COULD prove the link I've been looking for between a Leicester company and the invention of the pneumatic tyre!:wacko:

If they do, these papers could prove the significant involvment of Leicester man Robert Edlin - a man I beleive should take much of the credit for developing the bicycle tyre.

They could also put into question JB Dunlop's version of events.


Hilldodger said:
They could also put into question JB Dunlop's version of events.
Damn! Isn't it enough that we have Edison not inventing the light bulb, Baird not inventing TV, Stephenson not inventing railways - to say nothing of Columbus not being the first to ... errr...... So now poor old Dunlop has to join the ever-swelling throng...:wacko:


Similar evidence can be found to show that a Pacific islander discovered gravity by the same experience that Newton did.

Unfortunately, he was sitting under a very tall coconut tree


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I'm a mildly distant relative of Dunlop. Sounds interesting. Make sure you don't do a Homer Simpson and leave the inventions or papers in the Dunlop Museum by accident ;).


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Well, all this stuff strengthens my argument:smile:

There's proof that WA Bates and Co made the first solid ruber tyres for bicycles, were experimenting with air filled tyres AND made the moulded rubber strips for the first (Dunlop) bicycle tyres.

And which company took over Bates and co years later......Dunlop.


I was excited when I found a Patterson illustration of an English recumbent which apparently dated from 1931 - that is, before the French Velo-Velocar, first sold in 1933 :tongue:

Then it turned out that the picture was published in 1941. Ho hum :smile:
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