Holy *@/>


nothing in moderation
that's a convent-ional explaination.


I can just picture them frantically writing notes to one another in the build up to the fight:

Sister 1: "You're a bitch"
Sister 2:" Whatever"
Sister 3: "Don't you write to her in that tone"
Sister 2: "Or what?"
Sister 3: "Or I'll have you"
Sister 2: "Yeah go on then"
Sister 1: "Don't you go throwing your weight around, you bitch"
Sister 2: "You keep out of it"
Sister 3: "I..I..I..I Oooh I don't know what to do"
Sister 2: "Well you can bugger off to start with"
Sister 3: "I warned you, I'll have you I will"
Sister 2: "Gone on then"
Sisters 1 and 3: "Right, let's have her"
Sister 2: "Ouch!"
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