Home made chain keeper for a Raptobike.


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Up until a few days ago I didn't know what a 'chain keeper' was. The chain kept falling off my Raptobike when reversing, or hitting big bumps. I suspect a previous owner removed said item at some point as they seem to be on most Rapto pics I've seen. After checking out the prices from terra cycle, (and me being the Bishop of Bodge) I thought I'd have a go myself. 1/2 hour later, et voila! It's made from aluminium, but I have some carbon wrap sitting around, so it seemed rude not to!



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most of the time you can sve loads if you play about in the workshop and i dont know if its just me but i always find if iv made something up rather than buying a part my one always looks better and works better ^_^

good job you could cover the pully in carbon to match :smile:
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